Ritchie Secures $150,000 to Keep ‘Attain’ Lab Open

Center That Helps Job-Seekers, Adults and Children Hone Learning Skills Was Targeted for Closure by State

State Senator Patty Ritchie today announced that she has secured a special $150,000 state grant to keep the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club’s computer technology lab open, after it had been placed on a hit list of centers slated for closure this year.

The SUNY-run Advanced Training Technology and Information Network (ATTAIN) Lab provides 15 computer stations and technology staff in a unique partnership with the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club.

“The ATTAIN Lab has helped countless adults obtain their GED diploma,” Senator Ritchie said. “It has helped others obtain computer skills they need to reenter the job market.”

"What’s great about this lab and the people who run this center is it allows people to learn at their own pace. That’s really important for adults who are often intimidated by computers and technology,” Senator Ritchie said. “But what impressed me the most, and the reason why I was so happy to go to bat to make sure this center continues serving this community is the unique partnership we have here with the Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club.

“This Center is helping our community bridge the digital divide for both adults and children. That’s why I was so happy that we were able to insure that it will continue serving Northern New York,” Senator Ritchie said. 

“When we heard the SUNY ATTAIN Lab was being considered for closure, we asked Senator Ritchie to make our case to the state,” said Ogdensburg City Manager John Pinkerton, a longtime member of the board of directors of the Boys and Girls Club. “A small community like Ogdensburg needs a place where adults can improve their technology skills if we want to be able to attract new businesses and help them compete for jobs.”

The ATTAIN Lab provides academic, occupational and computer literacy training for both adults and children in cooperation with SUNY. The Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club houses the computer center.

Earlier this year, SUNY had targeted the Ogdensburg ATTAIN center for closure, but Senator Ritchie’s grant keeps the facility operating.