Ritchie Secures $200,000 for Fulton Fire Truck

Patty Ritchie

October 20, 2017

Grant Allowed Department to Purchase a New Fire Truck

State Senator Patty Ritchie is announcing she has secured $200,000 in funding for the City of Fulton Fire Department, an investment that will improve community safety and help local firefighters do their jobs more efficiently.

Funding secured by Senator Ritchie helped the Department to purchase a new ladder truck. Last year, the Department called on Senator Ritchie for help when both of its ladder trucks had been placed out of service, leaving them with just one operational engine. 

On Thursday, Senator Ritchie visited the Department to see the truck firsthand, as well as thank firefighters for the important work they do to keep the public safe.

“I’m honored to help the City of Fulton Fire Department purchase this new truck,” Senator Ritchie said. “Our firefighters cannot properly protect us if we are not providing them the tools to do so. These investments not only show people they are in good hands, but help make sure our firefighters safely return home to their families after the fire is out.”

“From the moment that call comes in, our firefighters need to be focused on executing the plan of attack—both quickly and safety,” City of Fulton Fire Chief David Eiffe said. “Thanks to Senator Ritchie, not only for this new truck, but for ensuring our firefighters won’t be distracted or slowed down by issues that affect their ability to execute that plan.” 

This grant builds upon Senator Ritchie’s efforts to support emergency responders across the region. In July, she announced $75,000 in special funding that will help local law enforcement agencies and fire departments improve public safety in communities across Oswego County.

In addition, she also cosponsored legislation (S.1411-A) that provides volunteer firefighters battling certain types of cancer, with enhanced disability benefits. The bill cleared both the Senate and Assembly and now awaits action by the Governor.

The final release of funding is pending state approval.

(ATTN PHOTO EDITORS: Joining Senator Ritchie at the fire station in the attached photo are City of Fulton Fire Chief David Eiffe and Assistant Chief Shane Laws)