Ritchie Thanks Phoenix Students for Suicide Prevention Advocacy

Patty Ritchie

April 12, 2019

State Senator Patty Ritchie met this week in Albany with students from Central and Northern New York to discuss mental health issues and suicide prevention in our schools.

During the visit, Senator Ritchie presented students from the Phoenix Central School District—and their teachers, Carol Blackburn and Colleen Longley—with the pen certificate commemorating the signing into  law a bill she sponsored (S.5860A) to provide New York State Universities, community colleges and city universities with educational materials on depression and suicide prevention. The idea for the bill was first brought to Senator Ritchie’s attention by Phoenix Central School District students and Ms. Blackburn.

“I am truly grateful for the advocacy of Carol Blackburn and her students, and especially for their ideas to better connect people struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide with the help they need,” said Senator Ritchie.

“It’s truly inspiring that students—at such a young age—are taking an active role in issues that impact them, and their peers. I have high hopes for this group of dedicated students, who I know will continue to make a difference in the future.”

For more information on the measure, as well as links to suicide prevention resources, please click here.

(In the above photo, Senator Ritchie is seen presenting the pen certificate for Senate Bill S.5860A to Phoenix Central School District Participation in Government students and their teachers Carol Blackburn and Colleen Longley)