Senator Ritchie Hails Decision to Reinstate Eye Tests

Ending requirement would have made NY highways less safe

State Senator Patty Ritchie is praising the Cuomo administration for its reported decision to overturn a DMV rule change that would have ended routine eye tests for New York drivers.

“New York has made tremendous gains in improving highway safety—and saving lives—by focusing on such problems as drunk and distracted driving, but those gains were put at risk by this plan to essentially let motorists play eye doctor and self-certify that their vision was good enough to be on the road,” said Senator Ritchie.

“In my experience as County Clerk, I saw too many instances when drivers just weren’t aware that their vision had deteriorated to a point that they could present a hazard to themselves and others behind the wheel.

“By taking this step, the Governor helps make sure our roads stay safe, and that drivers who are experiencing vision problems can get the help they need,” Senator Ritchie said.

Senator Ritchie, along with several Senate colleagues had already begun to prepare legislation to require that the tests be reinstated after DMV officials announced they would waive the requirement beginning this week.

Senator Ritchie said that she didn’t believe that DMV officials had conducted sufficient study to determine the safety impacts of the move.