Senator Ritchie' 'Jobs Bank' Offers Help for Job Seekers

Patty Ritchie

October 18, 2011

 Announces Launch of New ’Jobs Bank’ to Link Workers, Employers

State Senator Patty Ritchie, who recently sponsored two highly successful Career Expos to help connect Central and Northern New Yorkers with employers looking to add staff, is today announcing creation of a new “Jobs Bank” on her official website, with links to job listings and information for a successful job search.

“Helping to rebuild Central and Northern New York’s economy and create jobs are my top priorities as your State Senator,” Senator Ritchie said. “That’s why I created this new web page to bring job listings and resources to one convenient place, to help make job searches easier and more productive.”

The Jobs Bank includes links to online job postings, information about openings in state, local and federal government agencies, and tips on mounting a successful job search, such as the availability of resume help and career counseling through the state Labor Department and other agencies.

Senator Ritchie said she would update the site frequently with other information about upcoming job fairs and recruitment events by local employers.

“I’m working hard to get our economy moving again, and help to create jobs that Central and Northern New Yorkers need,” Senator Ritchie said, citing her legislative efforts this year to cut taxes, wasteful spending and red tape.

“But the fact is that employers are looking for qualified workers for career-oriented positions right now—and this new Jobs Bank website can help connect them.”

Senator Ritchie recently sponsored two Career Expos, in Fulton and Ogdensburg, that drew nearly 1,000 job seekers. Employers reported that they have already scheduled interviews with more than 100 of the attendees, and that many have already landed new jobs and careers, Senator Ritchie said.

Senator Ritchie is encouraging job seekers and others to leave feedback on her website and Facebook page, with comments and ideas for ways to improve the new Jobs Bank.