Senator Ritchie: Let's Keep Momentum Going

Patty Ritchie

January 04, 2012

                           Reaction to Governor Cuomo’s ‘State of the State’

Governor Cuomo has outlined real and achievable goals that build on our success of the past 12 months in starting to turn New York and its economy around, and create jobs.

Putting aside partisanship and gridlock, we cut taxes and spending, made state government work, and put New York on a path to growth and jobs. Now, the Governor wants to cut bureaucracy, make government more efficient, and continue to help businesses grow—priorities that I share.

We’ve made a tremendous start to getting our state back on track under this Governor’s leadership, and we need to continue our momentum to make our communities stronger, create more opportunity, and build a brighter future for our state and its citizens.

I am eager for more details on the Governor’s proposals , including his plan for an “energy highway” linking downstate electric consumers and Upstate producers. It’s my hope that idea can not only create jobs today, but also boost efforts for a fourth nuclear plant in Oswego County.  I also want to know more about his ideas to help our family farmers grow and prosper.

I was pleased to hear him touch on some of my other priorities, including a renewed attack on state mandates that drive up costs for local taxpayers. I’ve been reaching out to local communities for ideas on reducing mandates, and I’m pleased the Governor wants to do so as well.

I agree that we can’t afford to fail students in our schools, and I want to work with the Governor and Assembly to make sure our rural districts have the resources they need to provide a quality education.

There is much work to do to get New Yorkers working again. But working as a team, we’ve already shown that we can get the job done.