Patty Ritchie

February 22, 2016

Making our state a better place can only be accomplished when citizens take an active role by making their voices heard and their priorities known. That’s why I’m asking Central and Northern New Yorkers to weigh in on what matters to them through my 2016 Legislative Survey.

Every day, I’m working hard to tackle issues that have an impact on you, including things like the need to grow good-paying jobs and a stronger economy, lowering taxes, improving educational opportunities for students and creating a better quality of life in our communities.

This year, I’m asking for your thoughts on a number of topics that may come before the Senate this year, including the following:

  • Creating stronger ethics measures to increase transparency in government;


  • A proposal by the Governor to require businesses to provide up to 12 weeks of paid family leave;


  • Efforts to strengthen various sectors of our economy, including agriculture, manufacturing and technology;


  • Potential increases to the minimum wage; and


  • The Governor’s proposal to raise the age of criminal responsibility.


As the 2016 Legislative Session continues, these are just a few of the issues I’m looking for your feedback on.  You can access my 2016 Legislative Survey here, or can have a copy mailed to you by calling (315) 782-3418.


This Legislative Survey is just my latest effort to connect with constituents and gather their thoughts on major issues that impact us all.  In the past, feedback collected through these surveys—as well as others on topics like Common Core and sportsmen’s issues—has been invaluable as I continue to work to represent your interests in Albany.


I’m honored to be your representative in the New York State Senate, and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts as we continue to work together to improve our region, and our state.