Statement From Senator Patty Ritchie

In recent years, I have been proud to support efforts to ensure New York State is at the forefront when it comes to utilizing clean, reliable energy.

However, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act misses the mark, as it fails to include one of our most important energy sources—nuclear power, which supplies more than 30 percent of the power used in New York State.

Three years ago, New York State and Governor Andrew Cuomo made it clear that nuclear power is critical to our state’s clean energy goals by brokering a deal to keep the Fitzpatrick Power Plant in Oswego County open. I was proud to fight alongside local leaders, community members and plant employees to protect the future of the plant, and the more than 600 good-paying jobs it supports.

In approving the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, New York State is saying that nuclear power—a critical industry in Oswego County and a source of reliable, clean energy—is not part of the plan when it comes to achieving our future energy goals. While I support efforts to protect our environment and increase our state’s utilization of clean energy, I firmly believe nuclear energy should be included in plans to do so.