Statement From Senator Ritchie on 2013-2014 Executive Budget Proposal


In the past two years, we have begun to turn a corner in New York State, and certain components of Governor Cuomo’s State Budget proposal announced today—such as his pledge to rein in spending and not to implement any new taxes or fees—will help to continue this trend of fiscal responsibility.

Job creation is my top priority, and I was pleased to hear that there will be significant investments the creation of employment opportunities for New Yorkers looking to head back to work.  As announced today, the inclusion of $150 million for a third round of Regional Economic Development Council funding will build on the success of this program and help spur the economies in Central and Northern New York.

The Governor’s pledge to do more when it comes to doing away with unfunded mandates will help municipalities struggling to make ends meet.  Mandate relief has been and continues to be a priority for me, and my Mandate Relief Working Group—made up of local leaders in Central and Northern New York—has already made a few dozen recommendations on how to save money by repealing unfunded mandates. 

I applaud the Governor’s effort to steer more education aid to rural schools like ours.  I look forward to studying his proposal with a goal of making the aid formula more equitable and making sure our schools get their fair share.

In the coming weeks, I plan to study the details of the Governor’s proposal more closely.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in an effort to pass a balanced, on time budget that fosters economic development without placing any unfair burdens on taxpayers.