Espada on Budget and Extenders

Pedro Espada, Jr.

June 14, 2010

Press Contact: Steve Mangione (mobile) 914-403-4072

State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr. said he fully expects the Senate to pass the extender bill delivered on Monday by the Governor. Espada said he would support the extender as long as it does not contain any surprises.

"We met our objectives last week. We restored legislative participation in the budget process; we eliminated the unilateral and massive cuts imposed by the Governor -- especially to our children's classrooms -- that would have devastated the same poor and middle income communities already hit hard by the economic crisis, and we restored the focus on a complete fiscal plan for the state, rather than a piecemeal budget," Espada said.

"The Senate Democratic leadership will deliver a budget in the next week or so that will include modest borrowing, responsible revenue enhancers, fair distribution of belt-tightening and real hope through job creation programs and some property tax relief to help get our state through these troubled economic waters," Espada said.

He added, "State residents are looking to the Legislature not only to restore education and health care cuts and reduce the budget deficit, but demonstrate that we are truly concerned about the future of our children, families and state, not in a piecemeal way but with permanent results. For example, I am advocating for an MTA toll on the East River bridges whose revenue would be used specifically to save the free student MetroCard and restore cuts made to subway and bus service." #