Statement by Senator Pedro Espada, Jr.

Pedro Espada, Jr.

June 08, 2009

Statement by State Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr. (DEMOCRAT-Bronx)
I am honored to accept the Office of President Pro Tempore of the New York State Senate. I have taken these actions on behalf of the people I represent in the 33rd district in the Bronx and the nearly 20 million residents of New York State.
Let me first make it clear that I remain a staunch, reform Democrat. I have not switched parties.
For the past five months, state government has been characterized by gridlock, paralysis, secretiveness, threats and partisan politics – all to the detriment of the people represented by me and my 61 colleagues.
Today, all of that comes to an end. Today was not a power grab or a coup. Today begins a new state government built on reform, bipartisanship and consensus- and coalition-building that will help us provide the resources that communities depend on, from Nassau and Erie Counties, to Broome and Bronx Counties.
I look forward to a new beginning of open, transparent government that will benefit all residents of New York State.