Harckham Bill Generates Revenue for Yorktown by Allowing Ads on Ballfield Fences

State Sen. Pete Harckham

Yorktown, NY – Legislation from New York State Senator Pete Harckham recently signed into law by Governor Cuomo will soon be raising additional revenue for upgrades at recreational facilities in the Town of Yorktown.

The bill, S.7845, which was introduced and sponsored by Harckham at the request of the Town Board of the Town of Yorktown, will allow leasing of advertisement space on the athletic field fences at Legacy Field and the Granite Knolls Sports Complex. State approval was necessary before the leasing could occur at the Town parks.

Funds generated from the advertising space will go toward the costs of replacing the turf at both Legacy Field and Granite Knolls Sports Complex.

“I am pleased that the Town of Yorktown can put up ads from local merchants on the ballfield fences to pay for the resodding at these well-used local recreation sites,” said Harckham. “Municipalities have been stretched thin financially from the coronavirus pandemic, and creating new funding that does not impact taxpayers is a big help to everyone.”

Yorktown Supervisor Matt Slater said, “In the wake of a global pandemic Yorktown is focused on finding creative ways to raise revenue without raising taxes and this collaborative effort allows our town to do just that. We thank Governor Cuomo and all of our partners in government for their help in passing this legislation.”

The new law actually amends the local statute of the Town of Yorktown to allowing the leasing of fence space.

Turf replacement includes the removal of the existing turf, preparing the soil and placing down the new sod. Total expenses usually encompass labor, materials and removal costs. Other costs involve rototilling and compacting the soil to prepare the ground to accept the new turf.