Senator Oberacker Takes Oath of Office, Receives Key Committee Assignments

Peter Oberacker

January 04, 2023

Senator Peter Oberacker takes the oath of office on the floor of the New York State Senate at the Capitol in Albany. From left, Dean of the New York State Judicial Institute Honorable Kathie Davidson, Senator Peter Oberacker, Chief of Staff Ron Wheeler.
Will serve as top Republican on Transportation and Alcoholism & Substance Abuse committees

ALBANY, 01/04/22 -- State Senator Peter Oberacker (R/C – Schenevus) took the oath of office today for his second New York State Senate term.  Senator Oberacker was sworn in on the floor of the New York State Senate in Albany on day one of the 2023 legislative session.

“As we begin the 2023 legislative session we are faced with serious challenges across our state,” said Senator Peter Oberacker.  “We are losing people at a record pace, inflation is wreaking havoc on household budgets, and public safety concerns are widespread.  Real change is needed in Albany and I will be advancing policies that will lead to new opportunities for those who live and work in the 51st Senate District and throughout New York.”

Senator Oberacker also received his committee assignments for the new session.  Senator Oberacker will serve as ranking Republican of the Senate Committee on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse and the Senate Committee on Transportation.  Additionally, Senator Oberacker will serve on the senate standing committees on education, finance, higher education, and labor. 

Regarding his assignment as ranking member of the Senate Committee on Transportation, Senator Oberacker said, “Representing one of the largest senate districts in the state gives me a first-hand understanding of many of our transportation deficiencies.   Infrastructure needs are paramount to improving our economy and public safety.  I look forward to bringing these concerns to the forefront, and working with local government and highway officials to improve our roads, bridges, and railways.”  

Regarding his assignment as ranking member of the Senate Committee on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse, Senator Oberacker said, “Heroin and opioid abuse have inflicted a great deal of pain on individuals and families in recent years.   The COVID pandemic left even more people in need of help with addictions of all types and the rising influx of Fentanyl has further elevated this health crisis.  We need to ensure those in need are able to access and receive the appropriate services.”

Senator Oberacker’s other committee assignments will allow him to focus on key concerns within the 51st Senate District and throughout New York State.

Regarding his Senate Finance Committee assignment, Senator Oberacker said, “Being named to one of the most critical committees in the senate is a major responsibility and I look forward to utilizing my business background to bring a real world viewpoint to state budget negotiations.  Over the past two years, the state has spent at an unsustainable record pace and it is time to return some sense of fiscal responsibility to Albany.”


Regarding his Senate Education and Higher Education committee assignments, Senator Oberacker said, “Our local public schools, colleges, and universities are vital to ensuring a prosperous future for our next generation.  I look forward to continuing my work on both of these committees, fostering existing programs and exploring new methods of educating our students that will prepare them for success.”

Regarding his Senate Labor Committee assignment, Senator Oberacker said, “Workforce issues are front and center in the new 51st Senate District.  As we work to rebuild our local economy, it is vital that we develop positive working conditions that will reestablish New York’s position as a business beacon for employers and employees.”