Senator Oberacker's Push for Relief at the Pump Included in State Budget

Tax credits are a plus, but late budget overspends, continues pattern of Albany dysfunction

ALBANY – 04/07/22 – Senator Peter Oberacker (R/C-Schenevus) today called the inclusion of a state gas tax holiday in the state budget a victory for all motorists.

“Several weeks ago when gas prices exploded, I introduced legislation to suspend the state’s gas tax to provide direct, immediate relief at the pump.  This was an idea that many have embraced and I am extremely pleased to see a hybrid version of my bill included in the final state budget,” said Senator Oberacker.

The language included in the budget will suspend the state motor fuel tax (8 cents per gallon) and sales tax (8 cents per gallon) from June 1, 2022 to December 31, 2002.

“The savings under this measure are only about half of the total I proposed, and that is a disappointment.  I certainly believe more can be done to help relieve this burden that all families are dealing with every time they leave their homes and start their cars,” added Senator Oberacker.

The gas tax holiday along with several other tax credits included in S.8009-C were among priorities expressed by Senator Oberacker.

“Accelerating the phase-in of the Middle Class Tax Cut, providing tax relief for small businesses, and extending the Hire-A-Vet Tax Credit are all positives and among the reasons I voted to support this portion of the budget.  However, the budget is a week late and will still spend more than $220 billion, these are major concerns.  As I continue to review the full details of the budget, I have a number of questions.  Unless there are significant changes from earlier proposals, I will be voting no on other budget bills,” concluded Senator Oberacker.