Proposed Legislation to Create Guidelines for Treatment of Abuse Victims

Phil Boyle

February 04, 2014

Senator Phil Boyle sponsors bill to avoid re-traumatization of sexual assault victims by sharing treatment sessions with offenders 

February 2, 2014 - Albany, NY:  In an effort to provide a safe and non-threatening outpatient treatment environment for sexual abuse victims, Senator Phil Boyle is sponsoring “Victim Safe Treatment” Bill (S.4251).  The primary purpose of this bill is to create guidelines and procedures that prevent additional victimization of sexual offense victims while receiving mental health or chemical dependence treatment.

This legislation was initially proposed by Long Island resident, Robin Roberts.  Ms. Roberts has been at the forefront of protecting sexual assault patients who are receiving outpatient treatment.

“The passage of this bill is of great importance in maintaining the safest and healthiest treatment environment possible for both the facility and all its patients,” said Robin Robert.  “This will minimize the risk of harm to patients and alleviate the liability for negligence.”

In order to ensure the safest environment for sexual offense victims, Senator Boyle is working towards amending the Mental Hygiene Law to include the development of guidelines and procedures for the treatment of sex offenders in outpatient group settings.  These guidelines would be based on clinical-treatment standards that pertain to the segregation of sex offenders from the general outpatient population.

“Victims of sexual abuse should be commended for their efforts to receive treatment,” said Senator Boyle.  “It is our job to guarantee that they feel safe and protected while receiving this treatment.”