Senator Boyle Introduces The "Secure our Schools Act": Legislation Seeks to Protect Children on Election Days

Senator Phil Boyle today announced the introduction of the Secure our Schools Act, legislation directing the New York State Education Department and the New York State Board of Elections to deliver a joint proposal that mitigates risk factors associated with the public’s access to schools that are also polling places.  The bill requires that the joint proposal be delivered to the State Legislature and the Governor within six months of the law’s enactment.  Senator Boyle made the announcement at the Forest Avenue Elementary School in West Babylon and was joined by West Babylon Superintendent of Schools Anthony Cacciola, West Babylon School Board President Diane Thiel and several concerned parents. 

“As a State Senator, there is no duty I take more seriously than the future and safety of our children,” said Senator Boyle. “The hectic nature of polling places on election days can expose our students to potential security risks that we need to evaluate, especially in the wake of Newtown.  This can, and should, be prevented. That is why I am introducing the Secure our Schools Act, which will solicit the input of experts so we can make informed progress toward making our schools safer.” 

“I think the legislation is excellent,” said West Babylon Schools Superintendent Anthony Cacciola.  “Anything we can do to increase safety in our schools for our kids is a plus. During a major election, we incur additional costs, so if this is something that can be helped on the State level, we’re all for it.”

“The Senator is very into the community,” said West Babylon School Board President Diane Thiel. “He’s always here looking out for us, and that he’s looking into taking a proactive measure to keep the children and our staff safe, that’s what matters to us and the other districts surrounding us.”