Senator Boyle Sponsors Legislation Allowing “Stop Arm” Cameras On School Buses

Phil Boyle

May 16, 2013


Law Uses Latest Technologies to Protect Schoolchildren

Albany, NY - Senator Phil Boyle (R- Bay Shore) has sponsored legislation (S.5028) to keep our children safe when getting on and off of the school bus each day.  The School Bus Safety Act allows school districts and school bus contractors to install school bus safety cameras to capture license plate numbers of vehicles that do not stop when the stop arm of the school bus is extended.
The use of “stop arm” cameras would prevent injuries caused by dangerous motorists who ignore current law.  The images would then be used to issue a summons to the registered owner of the vehicle.  Currently, a ticket can be issued only by a police officer who witnesses the violation.
“The safety of our children being transported to and from school is of paramount importance," said Senator Phil Boyle.  "The School Bus Safety Act will help us enforce laws that are already on the books and will help capture violators that continue to compromise the safety of our students.”

This legislation would add New York to the growing number of states that allow "Stop Arm" cameras.  "It truly amazes me the number of drivers who ignore school bus Stop Arms every day. I am hopeful this legislation will eliminate that practice and protect our children," concluded Senator Boyle.

Constituents who would like more information about Senator Boyle’s legislative initiatives should call his District Office at 631-669-9200.