Enhanced STAR Recipients Face March 1 Deadline for New Enrollment Requirement

Rachel May

February 22, 2019

Syracuse, NY - New York State property owners age 65 and older who are applying or reapplying for the state’s Enhanced STAR exemption in property taxes for 2019 have until March 1 to enroll in the state’s Income Verification Program (IVP) in order to be eligible for the exemption.

Senator Rachel May (SD-53), who chairs the Senate’s Committee on Aging, issued the reminder to emphasize that this requirement to enroll in the IVP as part of Enhanced STAR eligibility is a change from previous years, in which enrollment in the IVP was optional. Those who have already enrolled in the IVP need not take any further action to continue their eligibility for Enhanced STAR. Likewise, those who enroll this year in order to continue their eligibility will automatically retain that eligibility in subsequent years.

“The Enhanced STAR property-tax exemption is a benefit for homeowners age 65 and older with incomes of $86,300 or less,” says Senator May. “For those individuals, this program provides an important measure of relief from school property taxes. We want to ensure that all those who are qualified for this rebate are aware of the March 1 deadline so that they retain their eligibility.”

The Enhanced STAR exemption is separate from the Basic STAR exemption, which applies to homeowners with a household income of up to $500,000. About 650,000 New Yorkers receive Enhanced STAR every year, with the average rebate totaling about $1,400 for eligible seniors.

Those who already receive the Enhanced STAR exemption but are not enrolled in the IVP must renew their application for Enhanced STAR;  fill out a separate form for enrollment in the IVP; and submit it to their assessor by the March 1 deadline.

Those who receive the Basic STAR exemption now and are eligible for Enhanced STAR this year, must apply for it; enroll in the IVP; and submit the forms to their assessor.

In addition, seniors who previously automatically qualified for Enhanced STAR as a result of receiving a separate “senior citizens exemption” on a portion of school and municipal taxes must now apply separately for the Enhanced STAR exemption.

More information on Enhanced STAR, including enrollment forms, or on the senior citizens exemption can be found online at www.tax.ny.gov.

Although March 1 is the filing deadline for most of New York State, some communities do have a later deadline. Residents may contact their local assessor’s office to confirm the date in their area.

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