Senator Rachel May Announces Four Bills Pass in Committee

Syracuse, NY - Senator May (D-Madison, Onondaga, Oneida) is proud to announce that four of her bills have advanced through committees this week.  

Health Committee:
S. 5374AFair Pay for Home Care. New York has a larger need for home care than ever before and is at the center of a national home care workforce crisis. Individuals are going without services or becoming institutionalized because there are not enough home care workers. This bill will respond to this crisis by providing a respectful wage to these workers. 

Transportation Committee:
S.922ASchools Impacted by Gross Highways, or “SIGH”, Act. This bill will prevent new schools from being constructed within 600 feet of major roadways, and ensure that certain schools are included in the Environmental Impact Statements for construction of a major roadway. The purpose of this act is to address the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on Black and Brown communities, specifically to protect children and young adults from the health risks associated with long-term exposure to pollutants which derive from living and attending school in close proximity to major roadways and highway projects. Traffic is one of the most significant sources of air pollution in both the indoor and outdoor school environment.

Energy Committee:
S.6268AStop Raiding RGGI. This bill ensures that climate and clean energy funds raised by the state are not diverted or transferred for uses that are inconsistent with their intended purpose. Since 2015 over $200 million in regional greenhouse gas initiative (RGGI) proceeds have been transferred away from the clean energy technology account and into the general fund during the state budget process and used for other programs that are inconsistent with their intended use. The very goals set forth in our state's nation-leading climate law (CLCPA) are being undermined by the pattern of redirecting or `sweeping' of RGGI proceeds into the general fund, necessitating this legislation to codify their intended use - supporting disadvantaged communities in the transition away from fossil fuels.

Agriculture Committee:
S.7861Agrivoltaics Education and Guidance for Farmers. The purpose of this bill is to promote the benefits to farmers of the co-location of solar power systems on active farmland for crop production, reduced energy costs, and climate resilience. Agrivoltaics consists of integrating photo-voltaic modules above crops in order to enhance climate resilience and allow sustainable food and energy production on one single piece of land. While in the past it was a question of either food or solar energy production on farmland, agrivoltaics can combine both successfully as well as achieving greater efficiencies on both activities. By working together on the same land, farmers and energy developers can realize benefits for both endeavors while preserving the agricultural character of the state's rural communities.

“In 2021, my office was one of the most productive in the number of bills passed and signed into law,” said Senator Rachel May. “I look forward to continuing that record of success in the new session and this is a great start. These four bills will benefit New Yorkers in a variety of ways and in a variety of industries. I thank my colleagues for voting them out of committee and I look forward to voting on them on the Senate Floor.”

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