Senator Rachel May’s Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

“Another day, another disastrous decision from the Supreme Court’s retrograde majority. Women have relied on the freedom to control their reproductive journeys for half a century. Today’s decision pulls that fundamental right out from under millions of women in this country. While New Yorkers are protected for the moment, Dobbs proves yet again that this court is only getting started peeling away the rights many people rely upon. Today, they are stripping the right to abortion from women; soon, their opinions make clear, they will come for the right to use contraception, to equal marriage, and more."

"The Empire State has always been a safe harbor for people seeking freedom and dignity, and we continue to lead the way in protecting the rights of women and other historically marginalized groups. All Americans should enjoy the same rights, and it is vital that we organize to reverse not only this decision but the whole course the current Court is charting to roll back rights and deny justice.” - Senator Rachel May