Funke Chapters Recycling Initiative in New York State Parks

Rich Funke

September 14, 2017


Senator Rich Funke (R,C,I-Fairport) announced that legislation he sponsored in the state Senate has been adopted into law. S.4084A was signed into law by Gov. Cuomo after passing both houses unanimously this past legislative session.  

 The new law will require the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation to establish recycling programs in all state parks, historic sites, and recreational facilities. Funke believes that these recycling programs will reduce the cost of waste management for these facilities, by reducing the amount of garbage generated. The Environmental Protection Fund set aside money to promote these programs. 

 “New York State should set the standard for recycling for all New Yorkers. Leading by example is one of the best ways to encourage others to do the same,” said Funke. “This will help cut down the cost of garbage removal as well. This is a clear win-win for New York. It’s really all about being environmentally friendly, while cutting the financial burden on the taxpayer as often as we can.” 


The law does not require a one-size fits all program to be developed. It allows the state some flexibility to have different recycling programs. Some facilities across the state already have existing recycling programs in place; this law allows the state to streamline the programs without placing overbearing burdens about the number of bins or signs required.