Senate Passes Two Tourism-Related Bills Sponsored By Senator Funke that Support Tourism and Economic Development by Removing Onerous Restrictions

Rich Funke

March 27, 2018

Senator Funke is calling on the Assembly and the Governor to join his Senate colleagues in passing two bills that will give a boost to the state’s tourism industry and pave the way for greater economic development.

The first bill passed by the Senate would allow employees at farm wineries to deliver wine in their own vehicles without having to obtain special permits or licenses. Senator Funke led the push for this legislation to ensure that farm wineries have the support they need to operate efficiently and remain competitive.

Senator Funke: “For far too long, farm wineries in New York State have been burdened with the high cost of paying for various permits or licenses for deliveries. By removing this restriction, business owners will be free of these additional fees that end up hurting their business.”

As chair of the Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation committee, Senator Funke travels across the state to meet with business owners, who continue to express growing concerns about the additional fees associated with deliveries. The bill would amend the alcoholic beverage control law as it relates to the delivery or transport of wine.  

 The Senate also passed another bill sponsored by Senator Funke that would allow people to walk around with alcoholic beverages in designated recreational areas, such as festivals. Municipalities would have the option of designating geographical areas as recreational districts to promote local businesses and overall tourism. Patrons in these areas would be allowed to walk around with their beverage in these designated areas.

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