Statement from Senator Rich Funke on Governor signing Senator’s legislation into law

Rich Funke

November 30, 2017

“I am pleased that the Governor has signed my bill S-1121-A , to create a state information technology center or ICENTER. The purpose of the ICENTER is to develop, pilot and implement technology solutions that will improve government efficiency and reduce costs. This legislation will place New York on the cutting edge of technological innovation, which is why it had the support of the Business Council as well as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Verizon, Technet, AT&T and many other leaders in this growing field. New York is seen as a state that has put too many road blocks in the way of its traditional businesses through over regulation and high taxation. We must not make these same mistakes when it comes to emerging economic development opportunities in the tech sector. The creation of the ICENTER is a clear signal that New York will pursue a new path and embrace innovation rather than stifle it.”


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