Senator Antonacci Introduces Legislation Requiring Unanimous Agreement By The Parole Board To Release An Inmate On Parole

            Today Senator Robert E. Antonacci, II, introduced legislation (S5320) which would require the New York State Parole Board to reach unanimous agreement before releasing an inmate on parole.

            “The Parole Board is given significant authority to review the potential release of individuals convicted of some of the most heinous crimes,  including the killing of police officers in the line of duty”, said Antonacci.

            “It is imperative that the Legislature do everything in its power to ensure the highest level of scrutiny is exercised when those who commit these serious acts receive consideration for parole”, Antonacci continued. 

            In the past year alone, the Parole Board voted on two different occasions, each time to release an individual who killed or was directly involved in the killing of a total of four police officers. 

            The release of individuals convicted of serious crimes who showed no regard for the value of human life, demonstrates a blatant disregard for the victims and their families.   There is no greater tribute that we can pay these slain officers and victims of crime than ensuring those individuals are held accountable”, concluded Antonacci.