Senator Robert E. Antonacci II (R-I-C-UJP, Onondaga) was named this week as a member of the Senate Finance Committee. Senator Antonacci will bring unique experience to the Committee as a Certified Public Accountant and as the former Onondaga County Comptroller.

            The Senate Finance Committee is tasked with reviewing the Governor’s proposed budget. Senator Antonacci will play a role in developing the priorities for the State Budget and examining appropriations and disbursements for each agency included in the budget.

             The Committee is also responsible for reviewing bills or resolutions that provide for an appropriation. In addition, the Finance Committee is responsible for reviewing nominations sent by the Governor for appointments, and moving the nominations to the full Senate.

             “I am honored as a freshman Senator to be placed on the prestigious Senate Finance Committee,” said Senator Antonacci. “As the former fiscal watchdog of Onondaga County, I look forward to bringing my experience to the Finance Committee with a focus on scrutinizing the budget to curb wasteful spending. I will work hard for the taxpayer to hold the State Government accountable for every dollar spent.”

            Senator Antonacci previously was named Ranking Member on the Senate Committee on Banks and the Senate Subcommittee on Revenue and Budget.