Ortt Applauds State Action at Wheatfield Landfill

Senator Encourages Swift Progress for Residents, Municipality

Senator Rob Ortt (R,C,I – North Tonawanda) today applauded the state’s announcement that it will expand testing for contamination at the Wheatfield Landfill. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and Health (DOH) stated it would further test municipal water while expanding tests to nearby residential properties to ensure the safety of the community surrounding the former Niagara Sanitation Landfill.


“I’m encouraged that the state is addressing the concerns regarding this site – concerns expressed by residents and public officials over the course of decades,” said Ortt. “As far as I’m concerned, late action is better than no action. The toxic legacy of Love Canal has plagued greater Niagara County for 40 years. Niagara County residents have repeatedly felt betrayed at all the stakeholders – from corporations to government – which is why I believe this needs to be at the forefront of our state’s environmental and public health concerns.”


Upon taking office in 2015, Orrt heard from residents and relayed their concerns to state officials. Upon the state’s reclassification of the property as a Superfund site, Ortt secured $75,000 in State of New York’s Dormitory Authority (DASNY) funds. The funds were directed to the Town of Wheatfield in order to prevent trespassing. In discussions with DEC and DOH, he also called for immediate state attention directed to the municipal water supply as well as surrounding residential community.