Ortt Hosts Rally for Increased Employment Opportunities Amongst New Yorkers With Disabilities

Sen. Rob Ortt (R,C,I,Ref-North Tonawanda) speaks at today’s ‘Make the Change’ rally in Albany

On Thursday, Sen. Rob Ortt (R,C,I,Ref-North Tonawanda) joined dozens of New Yorkers with disabilities, their families and disability advocates to voice their desire to update the 43-year-old New York State Preferred Source law during a “MAKE THE CHANGE” rally at the Legislative Office Building (LOB) in Albany.

With the unemployment in New York’s disabled community reaching a staggering 70 percent, legislators are looking to change the current and outdated Preferred Source law, create more jobs for people with disabilities and facilitate a sense of belonging to a vastly underserved community.

“The legislation that is currently on the books in our state has made hiring those with disabilities much more difficult than it needs to be,” said Sen. Rob Ortt. “There are so many individuals in New York’s disabled community who have a desire to work and contribute to the community they are a part of, however, state law prevents employers from hiring them. This ‘Make the Change’ movement will help update current Preferred Source law, allow more disabled individuals to enter the workforce and help change the stigma surrounding those with disabilities in our state.”

For more information on “MAKE THE CHANGE,” including personal stories of Preferred Source workers positively impacted by the campaign, visit: www.makethechange-ny.com.