Ortt on Richard LaBarbera Release

“Today’s decision by the New York State Parole Board to release Richard LaBarbera is only the most recent injustice carried out by the panel of criminal sympathizers. After first releasing cop killer Herman Bell, and then baby killer Marybeth Tinning, the members of New York State’s Parole Board have now turned their attention to releasing murderous sadists. 39 years ago, Paula Bohovesky had her life stolen by two heinous individuals, who should be spending every lasting second of their lives behind bars. Unfortunately, the criminal sympathizers on Gov. Cuomo’s parole board felt compelled to grant Richard LaBarbera mercy. Gov. Cuomo must remove these parole board members who continue to do a disservice to the residents of New York, and nominate replacements who will show criminals like Richard the same mercy he showed young Paula Bohovesky the night of her murder – none at all.”