Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt Recognizes Brickyard Pub & BBQ

(Left-Right: Sen. Rob Ortt, Owners Ken Bryan and Eric Matthews)
Sen. Ortt recognizes Brickyard Pub & BBQ as Senate District 62 Small Business of the Month.

Today, Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt recognized Brickyard Pub & BBQ as the “Small Business of the Month” for July. In 2005, owners Ken Bryan and Eric Matthews opened Brickyard Pub & BBQ, and after much success, established the Brickyard Brewing Company in June of 2017.

However, the road to success hasn’t been without its challenges. While the COVID pandemic was devastating for so many globally, it provided unique challenges for businesses, owners, and employees who depended on patrons to make a living. On top of dealing with the crisis of the ongoing pandemic, a fire in May of 2020 destroyed much of the pub and brewery. Although disaster and tragedy struck Brickyard Pub & BBQ seemingly all at once, ownership continued to look after their employees, give back to the local community, and assist those in need.

They have participated in countless charitable causes, including fundraisers for first responders, frontline workers, mental health awareness, veterans, and donating meals and beer to various events. They are a business that believes in paying it forward.

“Since beginning the Small Business of the Month award, Brickyard Pub & BBQ is a business that I have received incredible outreach about from the local community,” Sen. Ortt. “Several individuals have contacted my office and shared with us the wonderful work that Brickyard Pub & BBQ has done and continues to do for the local community. It speaks volumes about how well respected and cherished they are as a community partner, and to see a business continue to participate in making their community a better place after their own trials and tribulations is remarkable.”