Statement From NYS Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt

Robert G. Ortt

October 15, 2020

Thanks to a Democrat-controlled Legislature which refuses to rescind Governor Cuomo’s unbridled, unchecked powers, today the Governor threatened to defund local governments that don’t follow his mandates.

State aid to localities helps businesses, schools, and residents across the state - all struggling to survive. Withholding local funding will only further raise taxes and is further evidence that it’s time to rescind the Governor's broad emergency powers.

Every New Yorker understands the need to take precautions due to coronavirus, but New York State’s infection rate stands at 1.1%. In fact, in a call with Jewish leaders, Cuomo admitted that his hotspot restrictions are: “a fear-driven response. You know, this is not a policy being written by a scalpel. This is a policy being cut by a hatchet. It's just a very blunt."

And his tactics of fear, made possible by One Party Rule, need to end.