Statement from Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt On Senate Majority One-House Budget

Simply put, this is a partisan budget proposal that New Yorkers can’t afford. With a state still recovering from the economic challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Senate Majority is proposing one of the largest tax and spending increases in New York State history.

Last week, the Federal Government gave New York State a $12.6 billion bailout. The Governor’s “doomsday” deficit, that existed pre-pandemic, is no longer a reality as a result of the influx of federal funding and additional revenues beyond the executive budget. Still, the Senate Majority is proposing BILLIONS in new taxes, including hikes on already struggling main street businesses throughout the state. If enacted, these reckless new taxes would chase more businesses out of our state, resulting in fewer jobs for millions of struggling New York families.

Additionally, the one-house proposal put forward by the Majority sends state spending skyrocketing to completely unaffordable levels. This wild spending binge will hurt taxpayers and damage our economy for years to come.

The Senate Republican Conference has fiercely advocated for state budget issues that address the urgent needs of New Yorkers. We have put forward policies that provide vital funding for New York citizens and communities – while supporting a two-percent cap on state spending. We must advance a budget that provides the critical funding our state needs, without irresponsible tax and spending increases in the midst of an economic crisis.

New Yorkers have been through tremendous challenges over the past year. We want our children and grandchildren to stay here. We must provide leadership that will improve their lives, rather than making things even more difficult.  As the April 1 budget deadline rapidly approaches, the Senate Republican Conference will continue fighting for a better, more affordable budget that can help build a brighter, stronger, more competitive future.