A Statement from Senator Rob Ortt

In response to Gov. Cuomo’s announcement of Phase One extension

“This shows a contemptuous disrespect to small businesses and underscores the absurdly arbitrary nature of one man running the state's economy. Worse than the lead-up to Phase One, where businesses anxiously awaited the state's guidelines on how to reopen, is the Governor reversing - without explanation - his own reopening policy mere hours before thousands of businesses planned to reopen their doors and pick up the pieces of economic wreckage. Whether it’s fixing our broken unemployment system, protecting our most vulnerable in nursing homes, or stimulating our devastated economy, Democrats in the State Legislature seem perfectly content to provide the Governor with sole possession of state policy-making. Even though Senate and Assembly Democrats refused to reassert their powers yesterday, I believe that this further highlights the need for constitutional balance to the Governor's unchecked edicts.”