A Statement from Senator Rob Ortt

Robert G. Ortt

May 03, 2021

Everyone agrees that last year was a nightmare for millions of New Yorkers struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. Time and time again though, One-Party Rule in Albany has refused to put forward sensible solutions that actually work for struggling New York tenants and landlords.

Instead, in their rhetorical rush to “cancel rent” and eliminate private housing, the Legislature is failing New Yorkers facing real hardship, while ignoring homeowners who have been irreparably harmed by their poorly written eviction moratorium.

Leaders in Albany should focus on fixing the process to get billions of untapped relief money into the hands of those who truly need it, working with all stakeholders to address the current housing challenges facing our state, and ensuring that these consequential choices are being made based on the merits alone. They should not be advancing a clearly flawed bill -- that goes beyond what the federal government does -- just because a Socialist political base demands it.