A Statement from Senator Rob Ortt

Earlier today, the Chair of the Senate Aging Committee denied a motion by Senator Serino to investigate the Governor and his administration over their nursing home coverup. The Chair cited her belief that the Assembly impeachment inquiry takes “precedence.” 

Only a few hours later, the Chair of the Senate Investigations Committee denied a similar motion by Senator O’Mara. The Chair cited his stance that he “doesn’t want to interfere” in an ongoing FBI investigation, despite his previous pledge to use the Committee’s oversight authority to get to the bottom of the Governor’s nursing home coverup.

Enough of the false and inconsistent excuses. The Attorney General is investigating him. The federal government is investigating him. Even the Assembly is investigating him.

The Governor can only continue with his delusion that everything is fine as long as there are those in Albany who refuse to hold him accountable. It’s past time for Senate Democrats to get off the sidelines, follow our lead, and provide real oversight of the Cuomo administration’s nursing home coverup. Families deserve justice now.