Village of Albion Awarded Over $388,000 For Main Street Renovations

State grant will go toward building renovations in the Main Street area

This week, it was announced that the Village of Albion would be the recipient of over $388K in state grant money for the renovation of buildings located in the area surrounding downtown Main Street. These state grants will help cover up to 75 percent of renovation costs to commercial and residential buildings.

Made possible through the state’s Homes and Community Renewal Program, grants of $50,000, or up to 75 percent of renovation costs, will be allotted for projects that apply.

“The historic small towns and villages located throughout Upstate and Western New York are what makes our area so interesting and unique,” said Senate Republican Leader Rob Ortt. “By investing in these historic towns and villages, we are injecting new life into our local area. Not only will we be attracting new visitors to come and patronize the quaint establishments that form Main Street, but it will also entice the younger generation, who in recent history have tended to leave, to stay, settle down, and start a family in a revitalized community. I am proud to have been a part of the legislative process to make sure that these funds were available for our residents.”

The Village of Albion will be holding a meeting Monday evening, May 10, at 6 p.m. at The Lockstone, located at 160 North Main St., to deliver additional information to individuals interested in applying for these state funds.

Those interested in attending this meeting should call the Village of Albion’s office at (585) 589-9176.