Legislature Unanimously Passes Senator Persaud and Assemblywoman Solages' Legislation Banning Non-Consensual Pelvic Exams

Senator Roxanne J. Persaud and Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages announced the passage of their legislation that aims to prevent the performance of pelvic examinations on women whom have not given informed consent.

Both the State Senate and Assembly unanimously passed Bill S.1092-B (A.6325), which makes it professional misconduct for a provider to supervise or perform a pelvic exam on an anesthetized or unconscious patient without first obtaining the patient’s informed consent. The legislation prohibits a doctor from administering a non-consensual pelvic exam unless it is part of the medical procedure or the patient is unconscious and it is medically necessary and required for diagnosis.

“Thank you to Assemblywoman Solages for championing this crucial bill with me and to my colleagues in the Legislature for supporting and unanimously passing it,” Senator Persaud said. “Non-consensual pelvic exams are a violation of a woman’s absolute right over her body and they have remained admissible long enough; there is no place for them in New York. With this legislation, we finally put an end to this unethical, unacceptable practice and ensure that patients have full jurisdiction over their bodies.”

"The practice of performing non-consensual pelvic examinations on unconscious patients is intrusive and unnecessary. With trust being so vital to the healthcare field, New York State must take every measure possible to ensure that medical procedures meet the highest ethical standards possible,” stated Assemblywoman Solages. "I am proud to join Senator Persaud in banning this invasive practice and codifying an added layer of protection for patients."

“We are grateful for the leadership of Senator Persaud and Assemblymember Solages, which will end the practice of non-consensual pelvic exams. No one should have concerns about invasive practices occurring without their clear consent. In the time of #MeToo and ‘Time’s Up,’ it is important that we continue to advance legislation that protects the bodily autonomy of all New Yorkers,” said Robin Chappelle Golston, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Empire State Acts.