McDonald Concerned Over Reports of Small Businesses Not Being Paid by State

Roy J. McDonald

August 09, 2010

Troy, NY — Senator Roy McDonald today expressed his concern and frustration with reports he has received from small and mid-sized business owners throughout his district that the State has been significantly past due in paying for services provided by their companies.

“I’ve been approached by a number of business owners who haven’t been paid in months,” said McDonald. “We cannot allow this to continue, small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of the Upstate economy providing local jobs, tax revenue, and stability in many Upstate communities.”

McDonald added that many of these businesses are concerned that without payment, some may be forced to shut down resulting in lost jobs and tax revenue.

“Recent unemployment figures are staggering, that State does not need to be adding to the problem,” McDonald continued, “Action needs to be taken now!”

McDonald plans to discuss the issue further with the Department of Budget in hopes of finding a quick resolution and improving the process through which these companies are paid that will enable small business owners to continue serving the people of New York. In April, McDonald received reports of funding being withheld for local construction projects such as the improvements at exit 6 on I-87, for which he held an immediate budget round table to shed light on the situation.