McDonald Meets with Saratoga County Board of Supervisors

Roy J. McDonald

April 29, 2009

Albany – Senator Roy McDonald recently met with the Legislative & Research Committee of the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors to discuss important County issues.

The Legislative & Research Committee brought forth to the Senator recommendations on where the County needs assistance at the State level. Some highlights of these issues include; federal stimulus funding dedicated to infrastructure projects, the re-allocation of Consolidated Highway Improvement Funding (CHIP’s),  restoring eliminated VLT revenue, and ensuring mandate relief to prevent cost-shifting to the County.

“This provides an excellent opportunity to have a dialogue with these very important elected officials in Saratoga County” McDonald reflected, “I am proud to have served for so many years on the Board of Supervisors, and at one time was the Chairman to the Legislative & Research Committee along with serving as Chairman of the board.”

McDonald stressed the importance of working to prevent cost-shifting, through which mandates are held in place through State regulations but State funding is removed, forcing  the County to make up these costs by increasing taxes and fighting to restore  the lost VLT revenue given for hosting the “Racino” in Saratoga Springs. In addition, McDonald discussed with the Supervisors some ideas to promote Upstate Communities and in particular Saratoga County.

Board of Supervisors Chairman Art Johnson (Wilton), and Chairman of the Legislative & Research Committee Richard Rowland (Greenfield), along with numerous Supervisors from across the County were in attendance.

“The issues currently affecting us are due, in part, to our ability in the past to be successful and therefore insulate our County even during these difficult economic times” Rowland continued “we need to resolve these issues so that we can continue this success. I believe that some of the ideas we’ve come up with will promote and showcase the lifestyle we have in Upstate New York and therefore assist us in affirming our position that we’re a strong County but we still need a little help from the State.”

Spencer Hellwig was at the meeting representing the County Administrators Office. “We’re very optimistic that Senator McDonald and our State elected officials are understanding of our situation. I’m confident they will diligently work to obtain the appropriate funding from the State, so that we can provide necessary services to allow our residents to enjoy the quality of life they have become accustomed to” said Hellwig.

Also attending the meeting were Senator Hugh Farley, Assembly members Teresa Sayward and Bob Reilly, and a representative for Assemblyman Tony Jordan.