Mechanicville Open for High Tech Business Opportunities

Roy J. McDonald

November 22, 2011

Mechanicville – November 22, 2011 -  Senator Roy McDonald joined Supervisor Tom Richardson and local business leaders at an Economic Summit in Mechanicville to discuss the City’s prime position to have new businesses locate within its borders that are looking to capitalize on high tech opportunities in the Capital Region.

The Mechanicville Stillwater Chamber of Commerce hosted the Economic Summit at the Elks Club on Park Avenue in Mechanicville on Thursday, November 17.

“Mechanicville and Stillwater are in a great position to pick up spin off jobs or careers from the Luther Forest Technology Campus, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and SUNY Albany’s Nanotechnology Campus. We’ve positioned ourselves in Saratoga County to be successful for years to come by recognizing that hi-tech and emerging technologies are the wave of the future,” said Senator McDonald.

“We want everyone to know, we’re open for business. There’s been a significant amount of planning and foresight put into this to make certain that our community is an appealing location for new or existing businesses to set up their operations and capitalize on what’s happening in the capital region,” said Supervisor Richardson.

Richardson referenced the close proximity Mechanicville has to both Luther Forest and SUNY Albany, along with significant investments made to ensure that the appropriate infrastructure and resources are available to new businesses.

“Significant planning has gone into creating a positive small business climate in Mechanicville. One specific example would be the zero percent small business loans and grants that create a great advantage for businesses that are working toward a prosperous future,” said Mechanicville Mayor Anthony Sylvester.

Existing business leaders agree that Mechanicville has created a positive, pro-business climate.

“Nearly 20 years ago, nfrastructure started in the basement of a liquor store in Mechanicville with just two employees. Today, nfrastructure employs about 200 full-time people. We owe much of our success to Mechanicville, its elected officials, and the community for their continued and unwavering support,” said Daniel T. Pickett, nfrastructure Chairman and CEO. “This close-knit community offers small businesses competitiveness, affordability and accessibility.”

“We’re proud to say that we are a Mechanicville based company. We have had 6 different location changes over our 64 years in the business and all were within the Mechanicville community. Our roots are here, the people and the community are very supportive and it’s home for us. We’re excited about the forward thinking the City is doing into making it an even better place in the future,” said C.J. DeCresente President of DeCresente Distributing Company Inc.

“Mechanicville is a small community that is ideal for start up businesses. Our central location, economical rents and municipal amenities are ideal for new companies who are looking for a start up location. The City has really focused on economic development and has been working on key initiatives to attract new business,” said local attorney Jeff Bagnoli.