Statement from Senator McDonald on Inspector General's Report on AEG VLT Deal

Roy J. McDonald

October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010 - The economic well being of the Capital Region and New York State has been jeopardized once again.

I wish that this statement wasn’t necessary, but once again this is another example of the outrageous problems that exist with complete control of the legislature by a clique of powerful New York City politicians who seem to be selling out in the name of gambling.

I’m furious that an industry so vitally important to Saratoga Springs, Saratoga County and the entire Capital Region was handled in a political and completely illegal manner. Anyone associated with those named in this report clearly has no concern for the best interests of the Saratoga Racetrack and the racing industry in New York.

Anyone who followed this process over the passed few years has recognized that this process has been plagued by corruption from the very beginning. The U.S. Attorneys office should step in a prosecute anyone who was involved in illegal activities relating to the selection of AEG and legislators involved should consider resigning.