Dignity for the Immigrants March

Ruben Diaz

August 24, 2011

Press Release

August 24, 2011

For Immediate Release

Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz




Community Leaders, churches, ministers and the community in general are planning to rally on behalf of undocumented immigrants, according to State Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz.

Almost four years ago, U.S. Senator Barack Obama, while campaigning for the presidency of the nation, promised that if he became president he would solve the problem of the twelve million undocumented aliens that reside in the United States. Apparently, once Barack Obama was elected President of the United States he forgot his promise and has not yet found a solution to solve the problem of the undocumented aliens. On the contrary, the problem has multiplied to the point that there have been more deportations in the last three years than in any previous administration. President Obama is always blaming the Republicans and Congress for the lack of action on behalf of the immigrants.

Now that the re-election is at hand, President Obama has promised to deport only those immigrants with a lengthy criminal record and that are a threat to the nation’s security. He has suggested stopping deportations for those that have minor offenses and those that do not pose a threat to the nation.

This is a great idea! This will solve the situation of more than three hundred thousand (300,000) people that are facing the threat of deportation.

This is why a group of religious organizations, such as Radio Vision Cristiana Intl., Radio Cantico Nuevo, The New York Hispanic Clergy Organization, Conlico, and community organizations of the Metropolitan area have decided to conduct a “Dignity for the Immigrants March” in support of the immigrant community.

This march will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at 12 noon, on Westchester Avenue, between Third Avenue and Bergen Avenue in Bronx County. From there we will march to the steps of the Bronx Supreme Court, located at 161st Street and Grand Concourse in the Bronx.

We would like to send a message to President Obama that “we will not accept excuses, such as, blaming the Republicans or members of Congress for not achieving such a wonderful idea. We will be calling on the President to be true to his word and to be faithful to the undocumented immigrants in this country.”

Even if the Republicans and members of Congress oppose this wonderful initiative to deport only hardened criminals, President Obama could implement it anyway. If he really wants this to happen, he can do it by just signing an executive order. “Si se puede Mr. President, “Yes we can Mr. President.” Only if you are willing to.

I am State Senator Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.

For more information please contact Senator Rubén Díaz at 718-991-3161.