NYS Senators Urge All to Be Counted in the Upcoming 2010 Census

Ruben Diaz

June 03, 2009

Senator  Reverend  Ruben  Diaz,  Chair  of the New York State Senate Puerto Rican  /Latino  Caucus and fellow Caucus members, Senator Hiram Monserrate, Senator  Pedro  Espada  and Senator Martin Malavé Dilan, are calling upon  community leaders and ministers to encourage all people who reside in the  United  States  –  whether legally or illegally – to be counted in the upcoming United States 2010 Census.

The  Senators  stated:  "It is our responsibility as people who live in the United  States  to   be  counted in the upcoming Census count.  Each Census count  ultimately  provides us federal funds for our communities – and more importantly  –  determines  our representation in government, especially in our  congressional  districts.  The  2010  Census  count will determine the federal  dollars that come into our communities to provide for health care, education,  housing,  senior  care,  and  much needed social services.  The consequences  of not be counted will be detrimental to our families and our communities.   We  matter,  our  families  matter,   and  we all need to be
counted.  We have been assured that through the election of President Barak Obama and  the election of a democratic congress that immigration reform is certain."

Senator Reverend Diaz stressed,  "As a matter of social justice, I urge all members  of  the  clergy  to  speak  on Sundays from their pulpits to their congregations  and  stress  the importance of the 2010 Census.  We urge all immigrants and residents to come forward for the census and be counted."

Senator Reverend Diaz is also the President of the New York Hispanic Clergy Organization  and  the Pastor of Christian Community Neighborhood Church in The Bronx.  He will be making the Census 2010 issue a priority for upcoming meetings with ministers from the NYCHO.

For   further   information,   please  contact  Senator  Reverend  Diaz  at 518/455-2511  or  Marlene  Cintron,  Executive  Director  of the NYS Senate Puerto Rican /Latino Caucus.