Senate Aging Committee Moves Snap Bill Forward To Finance Committee

Ruben Diaz

June 01, 2009

New York State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz is pleased that Senate Bill S3340A   (Diaz, was voted out of the Aging Committee during this morning’s meeting and has been reported to the Finance Committee with the hope of   being voted on by the Senate this session.   The goal of this legislation is to eliminate waiting lists for home delivered meals and to reduce the financial burden on local counties, many of   whom subsidize this state program with local taxpayer dollars.
“I am delighted that full funding for this important program that helps keep New York State’s elderly   living in their own homes is closer than ever to   a commitment by New York State,”   exclaimed Senator Reverend Diaz.   “When this piece of legislation moves out of the Finance Committee and on to the floor for a vote, we expect a victory for our seniors.”
The SNAP Program was designed in 1984 to improve the health status and well-being of New York’s most fragile citizens by reducing their levels of hunger, malnutrition and nutritionally related illness.   SNAP provides funding for home-delivered meals for elderly, frail New   Yorkers.  
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