Senator Díaz Calls on Governor Paterson and Senator Sampson to Restore Title XX Discretionary Funding

Ruben Diaz

March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

For Immediate Release

 Senator Díaz Calls on Governor Paterson and

 Senator Sampson to Restore Title XX Discretionary Funding

Albany, NY    State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr., Chairman of the Senate Committee on Aging today called upon Governor David A. Paterson and  Senator John L. Sampson to restore discretionary funding to Title XX.

 “Governor Paterson has included a provision in his SFY 2010-2011 Executive Budget, that if enacted, will result in the total elimination of Title XX funding for discretionary programs throughout New York State,” stated Senator Díaz.  “This provision will no doubt have devastating consequences to many worthy programs,” he continued.

Currently, $103 million in Title XX funds is allocated through the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.  There are “mandated” services under Title XX which are required to be funded  - Adult Protective Services and Domestic Violence programs.  There are also “discretionary” services, which are up to the state whether or not to fund – senior centers and day care, for example, are discretionary services, not mandatory.

The consequences of the Governor’s proposal will result in:  a loss of $25 million to the New York City Department of Aging and the closure of up to 110 senior centers and the elimination of 5500 meals a day; a cut of $1.7 million in Westchester County for low-income day care; a reduction of $3 million in Nassau County including a $600,00 cut to the Department of Senior Citizen Affairs; and, in Erie County, an elimination of $707,926 including $171,427 for Senior Services Housing and Supportive Services as well as a $66,650 loss for meals on wheels. 

“Clearly Title XX discretionary funds are used for many important, worthwhile programs. Once again, the budget cannot be balanced on the backs of senior citizens, needy families and children. As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Aging, I have circulated a sign-on letter among my colleagues asking them to join me in opposing this devastating provision in the Executive Budget,” concluded Senator Díaz.