Senator Díaz Has Some Reservations About Agreement to Close ‘Rubber Rooms’

Ruben Diaz

April 15, 2010

April 15, 2010
For Immediate Release

Senator Díaz Has Some Reservations About Agreement to Close ‘Rubber Rooms’

Bronx, NY - State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. today remarked that he continues to have concerns about the agreement that was reached between New York City and the teachers’ union to close the so-called ‘rubber rooms’.

“Any time two sides can come to an agreement, especially regarding such a contentious issue as the ‘rubber rooms’, that is good news,” stated Senator Díaz.

“However, I still have some reservations about the final agreement,” he continued. 

“I introduced my bill, S.6953 on March 2, 2010 to expedite the process for disciplinary hearings and procedures for New York City School teachers.

The legendary ‘rubber rooms’ cost New York City taxpayers millions of dollars a year as teachers facing disciplinary actions continue to be paid while they do not perform any job-related functions.

“The agreement that was reached today is a good first step, but my bill is more aggressive,” remarked Senator Díaz.

According to the Daily News, the agreement between the city and the teachers’ union requires a teacher to be charged within sixty (60) days.

“That is certainly an improvement over the current situation in which cases languish for months and months, but my bill requires the final hearing to be completed no later than thirty (30) days after the pre-hearing conference.  Additionally, my bill requires written decisions to be issued within twenty-four hours of the last day of the final hearing,” concluded Senator Díaz.