Senator Díaz: "Where Are Governor David Paterson’s Friends?"

Ruben Diaz

February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010
For Immediate Release

Where Are Governor David Paterson’s Friends?

Albany - State Senator Rubén Díaz, Sr. remarked today at the apparent difficulties Governor David A. Paterson is having in obtaining support from two key “backers”.

“The Governor went out on a limb for the gay community in his efforts to support marriage equality and to bring that bill to the Senate floor, even though he knew it did not have sufficient votes to pass and that thousands of people in New York State did not want it and will not support him for election because of that issue,” remarked Senator Díaz.  “Where is the gay community now that the Governor needs them?” Senator Díaz wondered.

Likewise, Governor Paterson suffered one of his biggest setbacks and received a ton of criticism when he bypassed Caroline Kennedy and chose Kirsten Gillibrand instead for the United States Senate.  “For that Governor Paterson has paid dearly and gained a lot of negative ink. Governor David Paterson must be wondering ‘I was there when they needed me, where are my friends now that I need them?’,” continued Senator Díaz. 

“I remember back on Sunday May 17, 2009, I organized a demonstration of tens of thousands people in front of Governor David Paterson’s Manhattan office to protest his staunch support for gay marriage and the Governor stood by the gay community and didn’t waver.

“I am not endorsing Governor Paterson but I admire his commitment to those whom he believes are his friends.  My father used to say in Puerto Rico ‘My friends are my friends with their virtues and flaws’,” said Senator Díaz.