Senator Diaz’s Statement Criticizing Mayor Bloomberg And Other Elected Officials

Ruben Diaz

April 18, 2009

It is a shame to see all those elected officials standing by Mayor Bloomberg’s side claiming “civil rights” for homosexuals to marry and at the same time keeping quiet and allowing Mayor Bloomberg to publicly violate the civil rights of a wheel-chair bound reporter.

It is a shame see how all of them remained mute while the billionaire-master abuses and humiliates Michael Harris, a physically challenged and wheel-chair bound reporter from The Examiner who was trying to earn a living.

It was a shame that Governor Paterson made a joke of it and also to see Council Speaker Christine Quinn being brushed aside – like when a master tells a slave to move aside and then shut up.

I hate to believe that all of those elected officials believe that the primacy of the entitlement of homosexuals to marry supercedes the very basic rights of the wheel-chair bound and physically challenged not to be humiliated in public.

Although the Mayor has told Mr. Harris that he “regrets what happened” none of those other elected officials – including New York Governor David Paterson who snickered during the Mayor’s hissy fit - made any effort to apologize for their equally indignant and abhorrent behavior.

For more information, please contact Senator Diaz at 718-496-4793.