Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz Happy That Bronx Pride Recognizes His Work for the Community

Ruben Diaz

November 15, 2011


November 14, 2011

For Immediate Release

New York State Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) has released the following statement:

“Through the press, I heard that a gay organization called Bronx Pride NY has rented office space in one of the buildings that I was instrumental in helping bring to my community to add to the growth of the Bronx.”

For 20 years, Bronx County experienced a phase of total abandonment, where fires, evictions, desolation, and the lack of housing made the county of the Bronx the mockery and a laughing stock for the whole nation.

I was one of the few people who created jobs, such as a Home Attendant Program where in the midst of the destruction and abandonment we employed more than one thousand people. Senior Citizen Centers for our elderly such as Casa Boricua, Betances, Millbrook, South Bronx Transportation Network, were some of the programs that I worked hard to create.

When it comes to housing for our community, I have been the channel that has brought and built buildings such as Rubén Díaz Plaza, located at 916 Rev. James Polite Avenue, as well the Rubén Díaz Gardens located on Westchester Avenue and Kelly Street, and the Rev. Rubén Díaz Village which is almost complete on Westchester Avenue and Intervale Avenue.

All these programs exist because God has given me the opportunity to contribute my little grain of salt so thousands of needy and low-income families can benefit from these projects and alleviate a little, their situations, which are often very chaotic.

When I learned that a group called Bronx Pride decided to seize the opportunity and benefit from the work I've done for our community, and move to one of the buildings which I helped to build, how could I have any reason to become annoyed as many have wanted to see happen. Quite the contrary, this has caused me to rejoice and feel happiness because what Bronx Pride is saying with this move is that my work is good and that the housing that I helped to create is sufficiently comfortable and liveable for them to come and occupy.

That fact that a group of gay and lesbians occupy space in the Ruben Diaz Gardens is a testimony to let others know that the Bronx is open to merchants and businesses. It’s a safe place and people should invest and continue renting in buildings with good reputations and in buildings that elected officials have been instrumental in bringing to the community!

I thank Bronx Pride because with their move to the Rev. Rubén Díaz Gardens, they will send a clear message to all those who left the Bronx when it was being destroyed so they can now return. There is room for all both in Rev. Rubén Díaz Plaza and in Rev. Rubén Díaz Gardens- and soon in Rev. Rubén Díaz Village.