Senator Reverend Diaz Responds to Newly Formed Committee Investigating Senator Hiram Monserrate

Ruben Diaz

October 21, 2009

First, it is disappointing to hear Senate Conference President John Sampson saying that he is putting together an independent and impartial Senate Committee to investigate Senator Hiram Monserrate and at the same time sending a message to the committee members by stating “As a father and as a husband, I am not only angry, I am also pissed off”.  That statement alone may be interpreted as a direct order to the committee to “get Monserrate”.
Second, it is even more disturbing to hear the supposed President of the so called “independent and impartial committee”,  Senator Eric Schneiderman saying that  he spoke with Senator Dean Skelos and reminded him that “since back in June we all know what this individual is capable of doing”. So much for impartiality.
Third, if anyone thinks that there could be any Republican Senator who will be impartial to Senator Monserrate after the embarrassment that Senators Espada and Monserrate put them through back in June, he or she must be on another planet.
Four, to add insult to injury, there are five Hispanic Senators among the 32 Democratic Senators.  One must question why not even one of them was appointed to the committee.
For these four reasons and more, I believe that the real intention of this “independent and impartial” committee is to get even with Senator Monserrate for what he did to the Democrats this past June and to use the Republicans who have been praying for such an opportunity to settle the score with Senator Monserrate.