What You Should Know

Ruben Diaz

June 12, 2012





With A Committee Like That…

You should know that the Committee to Sell – I mean to Save New York - has invested more than $17 million in selling out - I’m sorry – in saving New York. The Committee has been selling Governor Cuomo’s popularity to the people of New York State to the point where he consistently receives 70% approval ratings.

The Committee to Sell – again, I apologize, I mean to Save New York- has been very effective in selling out the workers of New York State. Just take the Tier 6 Pension Plan that was recently adopted. This new pension plan raises the retirement age and requires new state workers to work longer before they can receive a pension.

Another effort of the Committee to Sell – I mean, to Save New York- is the New York Works Infrastructure Initiative, where Governor Cuomo played the private sector unions against the public sector unions and also where he provided millions in corporate tax breaks.

Another project, where the Committee spent millions to push through was the Budget Deficit Solution, where the Governor cut social services, senior citizens program, school aid, and services to the poor without extending the Millionaires Tax.

You should also know that the Regional Economic Development Councils are basically for multi-million dollar companies, while the Governor cut funding to organizations like little leagues in poor neighborhoods.

I remember all the fanfare that Andrew Cuomo created when he was Attorney General. I remember Project Sunshine where he promoted transparency in government and that everyone should release the names of contributors to their campaigns. What happened Mr. Governor? Why are you not pushing for the names of the contributors to the Committee to Sell –I mean Save New York- to be made public? Why can’t we know who they are?

I have to give it to the Governor. The creation of the Committee to Save New York has been one of the greatest, biggest, most successful, amazing, Machiavellian, and indirect promotion for a political candidate in the history of New York State.

I am Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.